ICO MusicShare

MusicShare is available to ICO member orchestras. Those wishing to share are invited to submit a list of materials. ICO compiles a master list in a uniform format. Terms of loans and logistical arrangements are determined by the lending and borrowing parties.

The music currently available through MusicShare is available for viewing, downloading, or both on the MusicShare Master List.

Nine member orchestras have contributed to this list and may now borrow from each other. The nine member orchestras, with their MusicShare contacts, are:

Fox Valley Academy of Music Performance (FVAMP)
Maryann Flock

Lakeside Pride Symphony Orchestra (LPSO)
Paul Williams

McHenry County Youth Orchestra (McH)
Cathy Ames

Millikin-Decatur Symphony Orchestra (MDSO)
Michael Luxner

North Suburban Symphony (NSS)
Marc Needlman

Prairie Ensemble (PE)
Kevin Kelly

Quincy Symphony Orchestra Association (Q)
Jane Polett

Sinfonia Camerata (SC)
Dick Siegel

Urbana Pops (UP)
John Gorecki

If your member orchestra wishes to participate in MusicShare, please compile a list of materials (scores and parts) that you are willing to share, in a three-column Excel file: composer, work, and comment (optional—for arranger, publisher, etc).

For more information about MusicShare contact us.